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Welcome to Krazy K Appaloosas, a small family oriented foundation Appaloosa
breeder. We enjoy our horses and believe that the foundation or "old lined"
Appaloosas are the most versatile and well minded horse around. We like a well
rounded, good conformed horse that chooses to be around people. We handle
our foals from the moment they hit the ground and guarantee a friendly foal
that is halter trained and young horses that are handled. We don't look at just
color and bloodlines, but the balance of sire and dam that will give a form to
function foal. We also only breed well minded horses that are smart and easy to
train as we believe a good mind is just as important as the conformation that
will insure longevity in the horse. While we strive to keep our bloodlines to the
"F" numbered horses we also understand that too much line or in breeding can
cause issues so we do look at our horses as a whole and if we see an outside
"line" that niches well with what we are striving for, we do not discount that
horse. All of our horses are disease panel tested to insure we are breeding only
clean stock. Look around our site and enjoy our horses! We sure do!

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