Krazy K Appaloosa Foals

Our foals are handled from the day they are born!  When you get your baby home, you will be happy
with being able to have that people friendly foal you paid for.  

We pride ourselves on our family friendly foals.  They are curious and like to be around people!  
Each is unique in what discipline they would be best suited for, but all of them would be willing trail
partners and family horses in the future.

We are done foaling for 2016.  We have 5 beautiful foals by Indy.  We feel completely
blessed to have such a fabulous foal crop!  Knowing these are some of the nicest foals
we have ever produced, we are listing them all for sale.  
100% FPD
Black Leopard
March 30, 2016

CTR Indigenous Rain
Pratt Fire Secret

SOLD congrats Jami
KKA Native Treasure

100% FPD
April 16, 2016

Black Leopard filly

CTR Indigenous Rain
JKR Dancing Feather

April 19, 2016

Black leopard filly

CTR Indigenous Rain
Selway Star

SOLD - Congrats Jami
April 29, 2016

Bay fewspot filly

CTR Indigenous Rain
Drea Kemosfancyeagle

SOLD congrats Dane!

April 30, 2016


CTR Indigenous Rain
Pratt Double Secret

SOLD Congrats Teddi