dreamed of owning and riding like the wind on these wonderful looking horses!  When I
was younger we had Morgans, Arabians, Quarter Horses, grade crosses, Appaloosas and
more. Always, I was drawn back to the Appaloosa not only for their color but what I
found was their mind! The Appaloosas are smart and pick up things quickly (not always
good things) but the bond you would get with the Appaloosa was beyond anything I
ever had with another breed. Once they trust you, they will do anything asked of
them. I started our breeding program in 1996 and with my first foal, I was hooked. I've
learned a lot about the bloodlines, genetics of color and patterns, and again, the
incredible mind of these horses. I've tailored my program around the first "F"#
foundation horses of the Appaloosa Horse Club and believe I am doing these animals
justice by keeping them clear of as little outside breeding as I can. What I have found
is the horses I breed are hardy, versatile, smart and willing. They are more like a
mustang, athletic and savvy.

There are many misnomers about the Appaloosa. The one I dislike the most is the old
saying of "they are stubborn and stupid".  What I have found with every single one of
them, time and again is; they are incredibly intelligent and quick to learn. But... if
they test you and find you lacking, they will figure out just as quickly to not do the
work and how to get out of it.

Appaloosa's are not for everyone!  
You have to want a horse that wants to be with you, will bond with you, will test you
at times, but give you everything they have! If you want that in your horse along with
a brightly colored wrapper, an Appaloosa just might be for you too!

Thank you for visiting our site! We encourage people to visit our horses and see how
friendly and people oriented they truly are.
We hope you enjoy our horses!

Kate and Ken Woempner
Rathdrum, Idaho

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