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SBR Tia's Apparition "Bebe"
FSHR/FHH - 2011 Appaloosa Friesian Cross Mare
5 panel N/N -  Ee aa LPlp

Bebe is a dream come true for me.  Since I was a young girl, I have idolized the big black feathered
horses from the movies.  After seeing several Friesians in person, I knew I wanted one for sure.  For
several years, I have contemplated breeding one of my Appaloosa mares to a Friesian to produce a
cross that would give me as close to what I was looking for as I could afford.  When my friend Sandy
ended up crossing her Friesian mare with her foundation Appaloosa stallion, I knew I was destined to
have the foal.  The deal was made shortly after Bebe was born and upon weaning she came home to
the Krazy K.

Bebe has completed 120 days of riding training.  She has been out on trail rides and is bold and
forward in the saddle.  

She is out on lease to a good friend for dressage training.
Pratt Sully Fire
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