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Drea Comanchebluhawk
1998 93% FPD- 93.75% FAHR Appaloosa Stallion
Smokey Black Few-spot color tested EE/aa nCr LP/LP PATN1/PATN1
5 Panel n/n

Bluhawk is a wonderful stallion with a disposition worth it's weight in gold.  His conformation, great bone,
and genetics prove him to be a horse worthy of breeding forward.  While he was never shown, he has been
trained to ride and proven that he can do more than just put pretty foals on the ground.  Bluhawk is double
patterned so he will ALWAYS throw a patterned foal no matter what color mare he is bred to.  The loudest
colored foals will more than likely come from those solid mares.

Bluhawk is now living in Fortine, Montana.  We will be offering him next year on a build your own foal
program with any of our mares.  If you would like to breed your own mare to him,
please contact Jami Turnbull at
Home: 406-882-4247  Cell:  406-291-4957
w/ filly
Some of Bluhawks foals
Pictures courtesy of Deckers!