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KKA SunSpottedCowboy - "Cowboy"
2012 ApHC Buckskin Gelding
EeAa nCr - 5 panel N/N
GAP 5 (5 generations of Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding)

Cowboy was born here in 2012 and sold at 2 days old to a breeder in Kansas. He left
here when he was weaned and as a 3 year old was bred to a couple mares.  His breeder
decided to stop breeding and was going to keep him as her riding mount so he was
gelded. Through fate, we were able to bring him back home.  Cowboy has the sweetest,
kindest disposition.  Has always been an easy horse to be around, even when he was
still a stallion.  He is proving himself to be a level headed riding horse that will make a
fabulous family horse with more time.