Apache Desert Dancer
Solar Flair Eclat
Coyote's Apache
Little Coyote
PJ's Pet
Angels Many Spots
Chubs Powderface
Money Creeks Leopard
Chub's Birdsong
Chubs Powderface
Chubby Pawnee
Black Maggie (unreg)
Money Creek's Wy-Anna
Wyalta King Bird
Money Creek's Pollyanna
Kutenaha Bitter Wind
Drea Snowyrock Ghost
Pratt Sully Fire
Kemos Fire Shadow
Pratt C Girls IM
Makis Gianni Sassi
Makis Cougar Sam
Makis Bonni Sass
Prissy Paytons Rose
Chief Red Joker
Fort Knox
Jokers Colida Sue
Prissy Primrose
SFR Gaze Dan (AHA)
RB La-Senja Pokey
KKA Dancin Wind Rose - "Dixie"
2013 Seal Brown near few-spot Appaloosa mare
93% FPD - 5 panel NN EE Aa LPlp PATN1/PATN1

Dixie is the favorite of all that come here.  She has her mother's people loving personality and she
comes right to the gate as soon as she sees you.  I knew breeding two few-spots together I would
produce a homozygous foal, but she just wowed us with her color!  Being a daughter of Apache and a
granddaughter of Rocky, the two stallions we stood last year, really makes her special to us!  She
definitely has some very nice compact conformation and is so inquisitive.  She loves to play with
anything and everything!  This filly is proving herself to be very athletic and we foresee a great
endurance or gaming/working horse in her future.  Dixie has turned into a sweet mare and produced
her first foal this year, just as athletic as her momma.
Dixie is for sale $1500