CTR Indigenous Rain
EEAa LPlp Patn1/Patn1
5 panel negative
RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain
Echos Rain Dancer
Ghost Winds Echo
Jokers Snow Dance
SRU Navajo Sunrise
Ulrichs Papillion
Many Stormy Moons
Mia Bearpaw Hy catch
Mamin Iskitpe Apache
Apaches Kid Galahad
Chubs Birdsong
Tipyalana Timanihn
Red Eagle Hy Bear
Bearpaws Heidi
Pratt Double Secret
Eeaa LPLP n/Patn1
5 panel negative
Pratt Double Fire
Pratt Sully Fire
Kemos Fire Shadoq
Pratt C Girls IM
Pratt C Girls IM
Pratts Sully Saska
Pratt Chelse Girl
Pratt May Tobee
Pratt Toby Secret
Secret Pyramid
Pratt Chelsea May
Dun Roven Chelseas
Pratt Sully May
KKA Native Emblem (Emmy)
2016 100% FPD Bay near Leopard filly
5 panel negative by parentage

Emmy is an elegant almost Araby looking filly.  Funny because she is 100% fpd filly with very
little outcrossing back in those generations beyond. She floats over the ground when she moves
and has fire in her eyes to win.  But man does she adore her attention.  Always the first to
greet you, never a fight to halter or catch her, loves to be handled. Emmy is one that captures
you from the moment you lay eyes on her, and then wins you over with her loving attitude!