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KKA High Desert Hope
2014 ApHC Black blanketed filly
100% FPD - GAP 5

We could not have asked for anything more perfect than what we got in Hope.  She is so
perfect in every way, from her bloodlines to her conformation to her loud color.  We've
waited for years to produce a filly of her caliber and boy we were not disappointed.  She
is the product of many, many foundation breeders who have preserved the old lines and
bred quality horses forward.  We are extremely excited to have this fabulous filly as
part of our future.

Hope sadly punctured her fetlock joint. We did surgery to flush the joint and she
seemed to be recovering but went down on May 24th and gave up trying to fight.
We humanely euthanized her.
RIP our sweet Hope.
Photo courtesy of BCA