Ulrichs Cheyenne
Ulrichs Monarch
Ulrichs Many Coups
Navajos Candy
Simcoes Weeping Willow
Ulrich Sioux Kay
Ulrich Rakush
Ulrich Sioux Kitten
Ulrich Ballerina
Ulrich Rakush
Ben Buzz
Chubs Queen
URU Bens Princess
Ben Buzz
Sonnys Leo Question
Drea Eagle Blu
Wakons Navajo Eagle
Wakons Snoweagle
Blazin Britches
L-MS Shesa Doll
Honey Bun Nugget
Nugget Again
Nappanee Nugget
Drea Comanche Blu
KKs Blu Phoenix
Oklahoma Fly Boy
Kaniksus Karalea
LE-S Fourmilenesic
Heart T Cottontail
Ochoco Kaniksus Sue
2008 ApHC Bay Non Characteristic 100% FPD mare
EE Aa - 5 panel negative

Sue is a daughter of Ulrichs Cheyenne whom we admired for many years and are happy
to have a daughter of his now that he is gone.  Sue has proven herself a thinker in the
training pen and is a wonderful mother producing three beautiful colts to date.  She has
the conformation we like and even though she is solid, she is an asset in the breeding
barn. We know that she will continue to produced nice foals for us here at KKA.