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KKA Highlander
2014 Black few-spot gelding - 100% FPD eligible
5 panel NN - Ea aa LPLP PATN1/PATN1 through Animal Genetics

When Highlander hit the ground we just knew he was something special as he was born during our daughters
18th birthday party and what foal doesn't want their own party of spectators watching them come into this
world.  His look at me attitude along with his friendly personality, conformation, athleticism, bloodlines,
and incredible smooth gaits make him a fabulous riding horse.

Highlander has been shown once in halter and lunge line where he accumulated a 1st, two 2nds, and a 3rd
his first time showing.  He's been to several ground clinics and we have been working him in the round pen
and his retention on training is incredible.  Smart, respectful, and willing to please. He has completed 90
days of training and is going well under saddle w/t/c, forehand pivot, haunch turns, good stop.

Highlander's Sire & Dam