Our Mares
We are firm believers that you need quality mares to breed to produce
great foals.  We look first, for conformationally correct mares;
however, just as important is their disposition.  Pedigree is also
incredibly important as we strive to see our Appaloosa's be true to the
breed and go back to the founding Appaloosa's in the ApHC.

We hope you enjoy our mares.  We sure do!
Click on their name for more information on each mare.
DREA Kemosfancyeagle
97% FPD
Black Fewspot
Ee aa LPLP n/PATN1
5 panel N/N
Pratt Fairdais
100% FPD
Solid Buckskin
Ee Aa nCr - 5 panel nn
RA Still A Toby Girl
100% FPD
Black Leopard
Ee aa LPlp n/PATN1
5 panel NN
MHS Eagles Reign
2014 mare
100% FPD
Solid Seal Brown
EE Aa - 5 panel nn

SBR Tia's Apparition
aka "Bebe"
2011 FHH

1/2 Friesian 1/2 Appaloosa

Black characteristic LPlp
Ee - 5 panel N/N