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Rockin The Moon - "Moon"
2007 ApHC Gelding - Black Leopard 87% FPD

Moon is Alyssa's horse.  The bond between these two was forged early and is just incredible to watch.  He is
a very intelligent horse with an easy going attitude.  We were fortunate to be able to send him to clinician
Steve Rother's ranch in September of 2009 as a two year old to be started under saddle.  He was given high
marks and was a favorite at the ranch for the 4 weeks he was there.  Alyssa has continued to ride him and
teach him more.  He is a beautiful mover and as he matures we will be sending them both for
hunter/jumper and dressage training.  Moon has the natural forward movement and really can reach out.  
However, he will be a truly versatile horse as his natural instinct is to "herd" all the other horses.  He also
LOVES to play soccer.  It will be a joy to watch how far these two go.  Moon will be here for life so watch
for updates on this wonderful duo.
Moon's sire
Moon's dam