DREA Rainyriver Fire
1997 ApHC Mare - Black leopard 87% FPD

We are extremely grateful to be the Deckers for allowing to purchase the
matriarch mare.  Rainyriver has produced several fabulous foals and we look
forward to a few more with us before she retires as our weaning mom.  An
own daughter or Pratt Sully Fire and with Bambi E up close, we could not be
happier to be adding her to our herd.
Pratt Sully Fire
Kemos Fire Shadow
Minidoka Snowy Britches
Snake Rivers Bonanza
Smokey Rock
Kemos Kaprice
Thunders Kemosabe
Centaur Ota Onspa
Pratt C Girls IM
Pratt Sully Saska
Sullys Chavelle
Saska Chiquita
Pratt Chelse Girl
Dun Roven Chelseas
Pratts Rainyriver
Sullys Chavelle
Bambi E
Woodrow Shiek
PVFS Butterfly
Sullys Suzy
Buddy Britches
QH mare
Rainey River
Sun Spots
Cowboy Jack
Patricia Squaw