CTR Chocolate Reign
RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain
Echos Rain Dancer
Ghost Winds Echo
Jokers Snow Dance
SRU Navajo Sunrise
Ulrichs Papillion
Many Stormy Moons
WR Chocolate Trixie
WAR Cimmaron
Pratt Toby Secret
Ulrichs Beauty
Absolut Saskia
Fourmiles Stormy
C Bold Spiderface
CTR Eagles Candalera
My Silver Eagle
Kaniksus Spots
Prince Solid Joker
Sutters Sass
WAR Morning Star
Pratt Toby Secret
Ulrichs Shawnee
Ebony Mirage Spot
Cedar Ridge Spot
Popsicle Jay
Golden Leopard
Angel Flair Spot
Cedar Ridge Spot
Sun Powder Spirit
MHS Eagle Reign
2014 100% FPD Solid Seal Brown mare
EE Aa 5 panel negative

This mare is exquisite in how refined she is and her movement. First time I laid eyes on
her I knew she was something special. She is leggy with an uphill build and should finish
well over 15.2 hands. Her naturally friendliness wins her over with everyone.  Her sire is
gelded now so there are even fewer of these bloodlines available in the US.  

Reign is confirmed in foal to Bluhawk for 2018