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Fifty Shades Darker - "Smoke"
2009 ApHC Stallion - Black Few-spot 100% FPD - 95.7% Purebred
5 panel negative - Homozygous Black EE - Homozygous LP - Homozygous for PATN1

This gentle soul is an absolute joy to be around. He is easy to handle and his
conformation is lovely. He throws loud color on his foals and we already know he will
pass on that quiet, people loving disposition. Smoke is a great saddle horse and gets
along with all horses. You will not be disappointed breeding your mare to this guy! It
really helps if you are looking for that Appaloosa coat pattern as he is homozygous for
the leopard pattern complex!  Put some color on the ground with Smoke!

Smoke used to be registered as Drea Kokopellis Fire.
His new owner has changed his name to Fifty Shades Darker
Smoke's Foals