WAR Tobys Troubadour
bay leopard
Revel Soquili
Roi-Eclat Nonpareil
Solar Flair Eclat
Rockalena Too
Toppers Princess
Appachie Topper M
Frosty's Queen
WAR Nightwinds Dove
WAR Tobys Nightwind
Pratt Toby Secret
Ulrichs Beauty
Pratt Saska Image
KC Choc Chip CC
Pratt Bucky Image
WAR Starnight
seal brown leopard
WAR Tobys Nightwind
Pratt Toby Secret
Secret Pyramid
Ulrichs Beauty
Ulrichs Many Coups
Sullys Butterfly
WAR Miss Midnight
Pleasant Valley Thunder
PVS Memory Rock
MT Luckimute
Money Creeks Ledgerock
Luckys Butonn
KKA Storm Warning
2014 Bay leopard colt
100% FPD

Born on one of worst nights of winter, during a storm warning for bitterly cold wind and
blizzards, "Storm" came into the world like it was a warm summer day. This hardy guy
came into the world, bold and beautiful with no fear. Coming up to us from the first
moment and loving attention. We noticed right away that he seemed to have something
special going on and we were able to verify that he is a shuffler.  His pedigree has so
many foundation greats in it and we feel he is a superb example of what a true old-lined
Appaloosa was and is. Storm is going to be a fabulous, smooth riding horse in the future.