CTR Indigenous Rain
EEAa LPlp Patn1/Patn1
5 panel negative
RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain
Echos Rain Dancer
Ghost Winds Echo
Jokers Snow Dance
SRU Navajo Sunrise
Ulrichs Papillion
Many Stormy Moons
Mia Bearpaw Hy catch
Mamin Iskitpe Apache
Apaches Kid Galahad
Chubs Birdsong
Tipyalana Timanihn
Red Eagle Hy Bear
Bearpaws Heidi
JKR Dancing Feather
eeAa LPlp n/Patn1
5 panel negative
DMS Redman
DMS Mr Prince
DMS Eagles Snowcap
Ulrichs Wind Song
Ulrichs Monarch
Ulrichs Brownsugar
Kot Kot Hi Hih
Dun Roven Chelseas
Chief Chelsea
Dun Rovens Indian Penny
Devil Woman
JB Devil
Comanche Chargette
KKA Native Treasure
2016 100% FPD Black Leopard filly
5 panel negative by parentage Ee aa LPlp

Treasure is as true as her name.  This bold, sweet filly is the first to greet you and follows you
for any attention she can get.  She is smart as well and has been a true joy to work with. Her
incredible color is complimented by her fabulous bloodlines.  What a magical cross this was
and this filly is a true testament of great breeding.  She's quick on her feet and is going to
excel in any event you put her in.  Her grandsire Shufflechief, has done well in trail challenges
and ski-joring.  We know Treasure is going to be one of those once in a lifetime girls.