Drea Chewelah Celilo
Drea Bluwater Celilo
Drea Comanchebluhawk
KKs Blu Phoenix
Pratt Sul Im Tobena
Oaks Patchy Cloud
SS Stillwater
Drea C Image Chewela
Pratt Sully Fire
Kemos Fire Shadow
Pratt C Girls IM
Pratt Sul Ima
Dun Roven Chelseas
Pratts Sully Paty
BCAP Cheyenne Maki
Ulrichs Cheyenne
Ulrichs Monarch
Ulrichs Many Coups
Urlichs Sioux Kay
Ulrich Ballerina
Ulrich Rakush
Uru Bens Princess
Makis Shamrock Rosi
BWS Night Eagle
Storm Cloud F
Northwinds Firefly
Chinook Mega Ten
Mr HB Chinook
Snows Holy Terror
KR Wind NThe Willow
2014 100% FPD
Smokey Black Blanketed filly
EE aa nCr - 5 panel N/N

Willow is a sweet young mare whose bloodlines we are excited to have in our herd. The
Ulrich horses and Pratt bloodlines are a great combination and this lady is proving how
great it is with her desire to please and her work ethic as she is started under saddle.  She
has a sturdy build and absolutely wonderful movement.  She is a nice asset here at KKA.

Confirmed in foal to Highlander for 2018
Picture taken by Jade Woempner
Picture taken by Jade Woempner